Culture by Frgment @Stadthalle Troisdorf - wird verlegt

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Stadthalle Troisdorf, Kölner Straße 167, Troisdorf

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03 Juni



Culture Troisdorf by Frgment.
Frgment is excited to present to you our biggest event so far at the Stadthalle Troisdorf.

We selected a line up of artists who will deliver a various set of sounds from fast paced rhytms to hardtechno. It will be a hot start into summer!
Line-Up A-Z:
6ejou b2b Aneed (Hybrid Set)
Bishalbacht [Frgment Resident]
Isoton [Frgment Resident]
Metaraph [BPitch]
Neon Graveyard [Wahn]
Partiboi69 [Mutual Pleasure]
Remco Beekwilder [Emerald/Monnom Black]
Setaoc Mass
The collective Frgment is open minded and LGBTQIA+ friendly. Come as you are and express yourself how you like.

There is no dresscode as we want everybody to dress as they like and feel free and safe on our raves!